Magnetna terapija, Rehabilitacija in T.E.N.S., Šport in podpora športu

Modern technology in the service of beauty, health and vitality

“Youth is lost to youth.” A statement that seems completely pointless if you’re in your teens or in your twenties. Why? Because youth categorically cannot understand how precious and fleeting it is, especially when it comes to beauty and health.

And although we have not yet discovered the source of eternal youth and vitality, with modern magnetic therapy we are well on our way to proving the opposite to everyone around us. As early as ancient times, magnets were believed to have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, so they were often used in ancient medicine to treat various ailments. Cleopatra herself was also aware of their miraculous power. At least if you believe the old stories that say she often wore a small magnet on her forehead, which she believed preserved her beauty.

For these reasons, in order to maintain beauty, health and vitality for a longer period of time, the BIOSALUS device is uniquely designed so that, with the help of the latest technology, it combines high and low electromagnetic frequency in one. The frequencies maintain the pre-existing state of the cells, or increase the tension of their membranes. This achieves an additional supply of cells with oxygen, nutrients and water, which leaves the cells with enough energy to perform other processes. Increased energy supply allows cells to create conditions for recovery and regeneration of the organism.

Magnetic therapy:

  • It regulates blood circulation and ensures better blood circulation
  • It accelerates the functioning of the lymphatic system and thus detoxifies the body
  • Increases oxygen utilization in cells
  • It removes lactic acid accumulated in the blood

That is why the BIOSALUS device is ideal for:

  • Final treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Use in all branches of aesthetics
  • Home treatment

Magnetic therapy normalizes the metabolism of the human body and thus ensures the elimination of pain. In doing so, waste products are removed, blood flow is normalized and the amount of oxygen in the cells is increased.

The process of skin aging and the formation of wrinkles slows down, and the resulting wrinkles are alleviated. The use allows to reduce the prostate, accelerated kidney function ensures the removal of harmful substances from the body. Mental capacity is increased, physical energy is increased, sleep is improved.

Magnetotherapy in degenerative processes leads to the elimination of causes that adversely affect the heart and blood circulation, as well as arthritis. It is also excellent in combating stress, which often leads to illness, because it has a calming effect on the central nervous system and the whole body.

Magnetic therapy has no harmful side effects, and its beneficial effects are innumerable.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Increasing collagen composition
  • Regulatory action via the autonomic nervous system
  • Bone and cartilage stimulation
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Faster wound healing
  • Pain relief
  • Improving metabolism
  • Removal of toxic substances with improved circulation and metabolism
  • Activation of macrophages – cells of the defense system
  • Decreased sensitivity to stress hormone
  • Regulation of digestion
  • Improving melatonin production
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Deep massage

The BIOSALUS device is very easy to use. It is enough to place the magnetic plate on the parts to be treated, and then activate the apparatus. Excellent results of magnetic therapy are also in the anti-aging of the body and the elimination of cellulite. Therapy can be performed at the same time as, for example, cavitation, ultrasound, muscle stimulation or infrared light.

It can be used with magnetic light, magnetic plate and high frequency magnetic bearing. The operating instructions clearly describe the programs in words and pictures. You can choose from 92 programs. When you select a program, the device automatically counts down the recommended time for the selected program.

* BIOSALUS device specification:

The device has 92 programs.

  • High and low magnetic frequency
  • Low frequency 10-100 Hz, high frequency 500-10,000 Hz

The device comes with a pair of high-frequency plates, a pair of low-frequency plates, photocatalysis, a plate with a blue light, a bag, instructions, blue strips.

There is an application for test plates on the device.
It is compatible with all accessories. At the same time you can do point therapy, as well as for the whole area of the body or. whole body.
The device contains: low-frequency and high-frequency magnetic plates, elastic bands, cable for accessories, bag.

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