Stimulacija mišic

Muscle stimulation as a supplement to sports activity

During these spring months, we need to make the most of the nice weather and exercise a lot in the fresh air. To facilitate the accumulation of fitness, to shape the body in the right places, for muscle mass, strength, endurance, it is recommended to use a muscle stimulator.

The MiaPharma BODY PRO muscle stimulator has developed 250 programs for a specific problem. The programs can be used independently, that is, only in the salon or as a supplement to sports. In this case, one part of the training is done physically in nature or in the gym, and the other part with the help of an apparatus. It is important that there is no break between exercise and therapy.

Instructions for resisting the MiaPharma electrical stimulator in sports.


  1. Warming up
    EFFECT: Electrical stimulation prepares a specific muscle region for training stresses by increasing blood flow, which prevents possible unwanted injuries to the treated muscles. N.B .: An electrical stimulator prepares exclusively the muscle on which the treatment is performed, it does not prevent damage to other muscles that are not equally heated.
    WHEN: This program runs before all other programs. It is important that the program is used before each competition or more demanding training.
  2. Power
    EFFECT: Electrical stimulation acts primarily on white muscle fibers, which are able to develop significant strength. Strength is a basic item in all sports.
    WHEN: Depending on the type of sport, this motor ability is trained with greater or lesser intensity. Current fitness methods combine electrostimulation and normal exercise with weights before or after training (before or after rest). Two to three times a week is perfectly sufficient for any level of readiness.
  3. Explosive power:
    EFFECT: This ability is best developed using an electrical stimulator because it involves all muscle fibers, even at low-intensity performance. Sports in which it is important to develop this ability are: football, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, speed cycling, and others.
    WHEN: Times and methods are similar to times and methods for power.
  4. Endurance:
    EFFECT: Endurance is when muscles have to endure a lot of effort over a long period of time. Examples of such sports: cycling, Nordic skiing, triathlon, etc., …
    WHEN: The electrical stimulator should be used one day before this type of moderate-intensity training or on the day of rest after training.
  5. Aerobic endurance:
    EFFECT: This program, with constant use, allows a constant increase in the number of capillaries around muscle fibers (capillarization); it is a basic program for all sports that require increased endurance and muscle strength; walking, swimming, cycling (combined with the previous one), etc.
    WHEN: During rest after training, or after training of lower intensity. N.B .: All the described ways of training refer exclusively to the muscles used in practiced sports.
  6. Massage
    EFFECT: Electrical impulses of an electrical stimulator massage the body, relieving pain in joints and muscles. The goal of its action is toning and relaxing the fibers and maintaining or improving the psychophysical condition by relieving tension and everyday fatigue.
    WHEN: We recommend it to relieve pain caused by physical exertion or sitting position during working hours due to numb and painful joints and muscles.
  7. Fatigue relief
    EFFECT: It relaxes muscles more effectively, removes numbness with better quality and prevents muscle contraction. The fatigue-relieving effect is complemented by the pain-relieving effect with the aim of improving the natural recovery of the muscles.
    WHEN: It is primarily intended to reduce or stop the accumulation of lactic acid that occurs during or after strenuous exercise. In the case of muscle pain, it is also suitable for increasing pain levels.
  8. Release:
    EFFECT: In this case, electrical stimulants help to relax and reduce daily stress, and we have a favorable feeling all over the body, and at the same time we get rid of the accumulated tension during the day.
    WHEN: with this program we relax the muscle fibers on which we use it, alleviate everyday stress, and achieve complete relaxation and renewal of energy.
  9. Capillarization
    EFFECT: its function is mainly in muscle oxygenation, increasing the supply of nutrients and increasing blood flow to the treated areas. Capillarization enables the disposal of a larger amount of oxygen and greater blood flow at the moment of exertion, or a reduction in the production of lactic acid. The number of capillaries around muscle fibers increases, which contributes to their greater resistance to fatigue.
    WHEN: To help improve prolonged physical activity (aerobic activity), aesthetic programs, preparation for physical exertion (sports activities). the use of this program is recommended before repeated physical exertion, especially after a long break (heavier physical exertion that requires greater physical exertion)


Fitness tips

Electrical stimulation gives the best results when we also join it with classic weight training, especially with strength programs, which has been confirmed by numerous studies. The ability of an electrical stimulator to act on a large number of muscle fibers even at a lower intensity and that this does not cause consequences on the joints places this device at the very top of methods for restoring muscle functionality after injury.


Body-building and weight lifting place the electrical stimulator at the very top of training methods because it has the ability to work on small and well-defined muscle groups with the ability to thoroughly “fatigue”, allowing it to precisely shape certain parts of the body.

Football, volleyball, handball, tennis, skiing, basketball

In team sports, an electric stimulator is often used alone or in combination with exercise. The same muscle trained in the toolbox can be pre- or post-treated with an electrical stimulator, which increases training efficiency.

Cycling, running, Nordic skiing, swimming

Of all these sports, cycling benefits the most from all of the above, so it is used by many professionals throughout the competition season. In the case of these sports, unlike group sports, the reason for using an electrical stimulator outside of regular training is to prevent excessive fatigue of the treated muscles.

To achieve the best results, endurance and aerobic endurance programs should be used alternately on days off after a classic workout.

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