Magnetna terapija, Rehabilitacija in T.E.N.S., Terapije za oblikovanje telesa in pomlajevanje

What is magnetic therapy?

It is one of the oldest forms of physical therapy used in medicine. According to the first written documents, magnetic therapy was used 3500 years ago.

The use of magnetic therapy has been used in China, Greece, ancient Rome. Hippocrates, Paraceizus and others worked with her. Magnetic therapy was also well known in the high culture of the Indians of South and North America.

How does therapy affect the body?

Magnetic therapy is based on the exchange of different pulsed magnetic fields determined by frequency. These affect the biochemical and biophysical processes in the cell. Such a magnetic field penetrates our body and affects the cell membrane. This is responsible for the permeability of the cell, as only a well-tensioned cell membrane allows enough oxygen, nutrients and water. Therefore, the cell has a greater chance of regeneration and faster recovery. As a result, general well-being is improved, among other things. This is the basic principle of operation of electro-magnetic therapy.

By choosing the right repetitive field, we achieve different effects of therapy. Each cell in the body uses half the energy to maintain its own membrane tension. With age, the membrane loses tension and eventually apoptosis occurs – cell death. This is also one of the causes of aging.

Therefore, it is considered a natural healing regenerative therapy for various injuries and conditions.

By correctly selecting the repetitive frequency of the electromagnetic field pulses, we achieve different effects of therapy, depending on the need set in the therapeutic program.
How many therapies are needed depends on the individual’s susceptibility to magnetic therapy, the cause, the type of problem, and the age. Experience has shown that pain relief occurs fairly quickly – within a week. In more serious diseases, therapies should be performed for two months (8 weeks).

It has been proven that the body fluids of sick people have a lower pH value of acid, in contrast, healthy people have a higher pH value of acid. Research done by water scientist dr. Hayashi from Tokyo, proves that water exposed to a magnetic field is an excellent antioxidant. They have shown that the value of oxygen in the blood increases sharply after only two minutes of exposure to a magnetic field.

Magnetic therapy works cleanly on every cell in the body, so it is used for countless problems. It is very beneficial for people who are taking medicines, because due to better blood circulation, the active ingredients in medicines come in more concentrated and efficient form to the cells in the diseased organ. There are also usually fewer side effects of medications with better drug utilization.

Magnetic therapy is used:
  • pain relief
  • helps wounds heal faster
  • improves circulation
  • increases the energy power of the organism.
It is also used in
  • various inflammations
  • osteoporosis,
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • menstrual problems
  • pain in the folds of the limbs
  • back pain
  • migraine headaches
  • pressure problems
  • tennis elbow
  • snoring
  • stress
  • depression
  • infectious injuries
  • recovery from bone and soft tissue injuries

There are no contraindications. Magnetic therapy should not be performed on people who have a pacemaker or other electrical device in the body, nor is it recommended for pregnant women, schizophrenics.

Magnetic therapy in cosmetics!

By no means should we neglect magnetic therapy in aesthetic therapies. Because it works great on cell regeneration, MiaPharma has developed a special program designed for anti agu. Therapy can be performed on a magnetic pillow. In this case, the client lies on a magnetic pillow during facial care, an angi age program is selected, and a beautician can perform facial care or any other therapy. MiaPharma has also developed magnetic pillows that are tailored to the face. Lay them directly on the face.

Excellent results of magnetic therapy are also in the anti age of the body and the elimination of cellulite. Therapy can be performed at the same time as, for example, cavitation, ultrasound, muscle stimulation or infrared light.

Top athletes use magnetic therapy to achieve better results.

It is also indispensable in the treatment of animals and in the therapies of racehorses. Animals respond very well to therapies and are incredibly calm during therapy.

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