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We measured the results of BIOSALUS magnetic therapy

The knowledge of magnetic therapy is convincing enough in itself, and yet I would not be me if I did not have my own results in every thing. So I embarked on a treatment, a few years unchanged condition. I was sure the results would be, but I was positively surprised because I did not expect such an improvement.

In the therapies, we used a magnetic cushion and magnetic plates with high and low frequency. With this device, it is also possible to connect accessories and thus perform therapy with three outputs.

I wanted to prove that BIOSALUS magnetic therapy is very effective, so I set myself the goal of helping to improve blood circulation to the leg and heal wounds.

  1. The first example is varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. 6 therapies were performed.
  2. Another case is an ankle fracture for which surgery was planned, but they still tried first with plaster and blood-thinning drugs (injections), which caused bruises and hardening.
  3. The third example, however, is one therapy where we used a universal program with a pillow and plates. The plates were placed in the place where the varicose veins were before the operation and dark spots remained. It’s been 9 months since the surgery, the lumps have disappeared and the stains have remained.

I asked all patients to keep me informed of what was happening to them or what they were feeling, because we do not detect magnetic therapy, we can only detect the changes it causes.

1. First example:

In this case, I was expecting changes in well-being and easier pain-free movement. The external wound was insensitive, so the patient scratched himself repeatedly to live wounds and did not feel it.

We had excellent results of the first case after only six therapies – varicose veins and thrombophlebitis:

In this case, I was expecting changes in well-being and easier pain-free movement. The external wound was insensitive, so the patient scratched himself repeatedly to live wounds and did not feel it.

During the therapy, he feels the pulse for a couple of minutes, he describes that he feels as if several needles are touching him lightly from the inside out, his legs become warmer with each passing minute (this is also felt when touched). Changes also occur in the other leg and in the stomach. Because he underwent extensive surgery on his stomach, he also feels heat (better blood circulation) there.

The first therapy – a program to reduce acute and chronic inflammation. Affecting the veins

After the first therapy, he immediately feels softer and lighter legs. Subsequent observations, however, are that the legs remained warm (meaning they remained bloodied). Slight changes are seen on the wound.

Second therapy: From the beginning he feels a steady pulse and warming of the legs. Still, but much less, it feels like it’s being slightly spiked from the inside out. He is increasingly feeling the changes caused by magnetic therapy. Here I must emphasize once again that we do not perceive magnetic therapy, we can only perceive the changes it causes. These changes, however, are mostly felt by those who have major problems or whose magnetic therapy greatly improves their condition. It can also be felt by extremely sensitive people, who are more of an exception than not.

After the third therapy, he feels a pulse, without stinging and warmed legs. His general well-being has improved and he feels more energized. The wound makes him itch more. The patient’s wife (a healthcare professional) was the first to notice that the ulcer scar had shrunk significantly. After all these years, he can’t believe there is such a change in appearance and well-being. With each subsequent therapy, the condition greatly improves, above my expectations and also his. After six therapies over a period of 11 days, his condition improved as well as his physical well-being. He cannot walk a long distance before the therapies without pain, after the therapies he walks at least twice as much as before. His general well-being is still improving and he has much more energy. We are continuing with the therapies and I expect even better results, but when we finish, he will also use magnetic therapy at home (ML2 – magnetic therapy for home use).

2. The course of the second case:

As already mentioned, this case involves an ankle fracture and hematomas. We performed two therapies to heal the fracture through plaster. Therapies were started after five weeks of plaster. Hematomas and hardened abdomen were the result of blood-thinning injections and were not specifically treated, however, improvement was seen.

Magnetic therapy is performed over plaster.

During the second therapy, he already feels a pulse at the site of the injury and a bloody leg. After the therapy, he also notices that the fingers are more pink and no longer become so distinctly blue.

Visible improvement of leg circulation. The leg is no longer “blue”.

The patient will try to obtain X-ray images so that we can check how the bone has healed before and after magnetic therapy. Additional results were shown on the abdomen.

Hematomas and hardening of the abdomen. Visible improvement immediately after therapy. The bruises began to spill out, and the stiffness decreased significantly.

After the first therapy, the patient still used blood-thinning injections, but no new hematomas and hardening occurred.

The bruises began to spill out, and the stiffness decreased significantly.

These are just two examples where magnetic therapy can be proven to be a powerful and effective method for a variety of problems. The results are truly remarkable in all areas. Both in healthcare, physiotherapy as well as in cosmetics.

3. Third example:

In the third case, we wanted to check if the condition or appearance would improve after only one therapy and to prevent pain after exercise (muscle fiber), as this was the first exercise after one year. After surgery, it healed within three months to the condition in the first picture, but then there were no changes in skin color.

After 50 minutes of therapy, a change in skin color and less pronounced color spots are observed. During the therapy he feels warmth all over his body, he has no other sensations. After the therapy, he feels light and full of energy. The next day there is no “muscle fiber”, which means we have achieved the desired result.

4. Helena example:

Severe thyroid problems cause her chronic fatigue, she lacks energy in the morning and needs a lot of time to get away from home.
We did her therapy to relieve fatigue due to physical weakness. Immediately after the therapy, she had a feeling that the body was filled with energy. The feeling was similar to when we were pleasantly tired and full of energy after some sports activity. The next day, the effect of the therapy showed itself to the right extent. Her observations were that in the morning she did things much easier and above all faster, without much effort. She also pointed out that we did the therapy during a week that was much more strenuous than usual.

We can conclude that the therapy has proven to be more than effective.

5. the case of Andreja

For a year now, Hernia has been causing her problems, which she treated with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, bioenergetician… We were interested in how much magnetic therapy will help in her case. We did only one therapy again. During the therapy, she felt only heat, and immediately after the therapy, she could not identify the belt.
The next day she announced: Of all the therapies (she had had each therapy several times), I think the magnetic therapy helped me the most. I got up in the morning without any problems, I did not feel any pain. Pain is otherwise most present when getting out of bed.

6. example Puppy

The Shar Pei dog (known for its extremely sensitive skin) has problems with dermatitis and bacteria on the skin, which cause open wounds on the skin. Once a week, wash it with a special antibacterial shampoo, but the wounds do not dry out. The owner was firmly convinced that her dog would not lie on a magnetic pillow as his character is very special and he is usually a very nervous puppy.
We have repeatedly pointed out that animals, unlike humans, feel magnetism and when they have problems, they just lie down on the pillow on their own. People can be convinced that something is helping us (even if they are not), but animals do not have this placebo effect.

The result: The dog easily jumped on the pillow and lay on it for 45 minutes. What surprised the owner the most (I think she was a little worried) was how calm her dog is, as he is considered very restless. It was also interesting after the therapy, when the program ended and we turned off the appliance, over time the dog jumped back on the couch and spread the blanket with his paws. Our explanation was that he still wanted to lie on the magnetism and since he wasn’t there, he was scattering. All the time after the therapy, the dog skidded around me and benefited me.

The owner reported that her Shar Pei’s wounds dried up after a single therapy.

7. example

Gregor Sobočan, with a ten-year professional handball career, and world and European runner-up in girevoy, shared his experience of Biosalus on Facebook.

8. example

Football club Radomlje uses magnetic therapy BIOSALUS in their preparations.

9. example

Kettlebells center in Ljubljana with a team at the very top of the world: Maruša Karničar won 2nd place at the open championships in Zagreb and Špela Žužek, world champion, regenerates the body with the Biosalus device.

10. example

Tina’s personal experience:

With a clear conscience, I can say that magnetic therapy, in all three cases, has more than proven itself. Most other countries have had such good results for a few years now, and now we finally have them too. Everyone who knows me knows that my claims come from thoroughly verified results and therefore trust me. I never recommend anything I’m not 1000% sure of. I highly recommend BIOSALUS magnetic therapy.

It has now been several months since I tried magnetic therapy for various problems and recorded the results. I have already tested so many different diseases and injuries and all had results, some immediately, some after a few therapies. I tested a universal program on myself after which I had significantly more energy and did not feel any fatigue after a busy day.

Then came Monday, when I hurried away from home and pinched my nerve in the thoracic part (I think between the second and third thoracic vertebrae) while wearing the jacket. I was crammed all day and there was no time to think about the pain, so the day passed and I couldn’t do the magnetic therapy because she was on testing at the football club’s preparations. The night was very long as I woke up with every move.

In the morning, however, I felt “sleepless”, but I did not expect such a reflection in the mirror. When I looked at myself, I even had the left side of my face swollen (eye, nose and lip). It took a while for the lymphatic circulation to reactivate, of course with my help (lymphatic drainage). I don’t need to explain about nerve pain. I hadn’t gotten the magnetic therapy back yet, so I had to help myself with analgesics (a painkiller). I received magnetic therapy in the afternoon, but I did not use it until the evening because time did not allow and because I was waiting for the analgesic to subside, the only way I could check how much magnetic therapy would help me.

Finally the evening came, when the children went to bed I prepared magnetic therapy. I prepared a pillow, placed the plates on a pillow in the thoracic region, set up a nerve treatment program, and rested for 45 minutes. After about 30 minutes, I raised my head to check how much time was left and at that moment I wasn’t thinking about the pain when my partner told me if I was going to say now that it was just fine. Because I got up like that I didn’t even notice that I was almost as agile as before the injury. My partner, however, immediately noticed, as I had two very difficult movements for two days.

The nerve was still sore, but so much less that others did not notice that anything was wrong with me, the mobility was almost completely restored with just one therapy. I healed the nerve in three days, with no blockages or analgesics like I needed years ago when I had problems with the cervical nerve which prevented me from working with my hand. At that time it took me a few weeks to be able to raise my arm again.

Magnetic therapy convinced me already in the first tests on “patients” and their descriptions of what is happening to them. But now I have had my experience with a serious problem and I can only say, THANK YOU.

Tina Počervina Štebih


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