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PHOTOCATALYSIS – infrared and infrared light

PHOTO-CATALYSIS- blue and red infrared light

Infrared and infrared pulsed magnetic light treats skin diseases, inhibits aging, eliminates acne and eczema and smoothes the skin.

In recent years, extensive research has been done on the action of special lights for skin rejuvenation, tissue bio-stimulation and treatment of dermatological diseases such as acne, pre-cancerous skin lesions and non-melanoma skin tumors, as well as for treating muscle pain, neuralgia , muscle pain, arthralgia and trophic disorders. Through photo-oxidation, high-intensity blue light (420 +/- 5 nm) causes a decrease in serum bilirubin, which is broken down into non-toxic, water-soluble products that can be easily eliminated through the kidneys with consequent photo rejuvenating activity. It is also particularly effective in treating acne, determining a local photo-stimulation reaction that produces free radicals that destroy bacteria in the pilosebaceous follicles without damaging healthy surrounding cells. There are no known side effects. INFRARED (infra-red) treatment uses electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength above 780nm; an infra-red frequency of 780-1400nm (IRA) is usually used. Infra-red light is converted into heat energy in the upper layers of the skin by absorption and only a small portion is reflected. Pulsed light is more efficient than constant light because it produces a much higher amount of photons.

Photocatalysis action:
Blue light therapy works on acne by destroying bacteria. Bacteria are one of the main causes of acne.
Bacteria together with excess sebum (Sebum is a complex mixture of lipids produced and secreted by the sebaceous glands in the dermis. It flows to the surface of the skin through the pores of the hair sebaceous sacs.
On the surface of the skin, sebum along with sweat forms a layer that helps protect the skin from dehydration: it is a hydrolipid layer that covers the epidermis.) Produced by acne-prone skin is what causes acne pustules or damage to the skin. Excess sebum traps free bacteria on the skin and causes an outbreak of infection on the skin.

Blue light for effective bio-stimulation on moderate acne, anti-aging skin and faster healing process.
Photo-therapy uses selective non-coherent light produced by LEDs (= waves of this light are not synchronized). In more advanced systems, it uses plasma light that is stronger than above and is able to interact with pathological tissues on multiple levels with light bands.

Red light heals wounds faster, improves tissue metabolism, stimulates collagen formation and eliminates pigment spots and hyperpigmentation. Red light has been shown to effectively treat rosacea and acne. The therapy is used as a nonsurgical face lifting as it helps the skin maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin while helping to improve the texture and smoothness of the lines.

Blue and red light are used simultaneously in photocatalysis. This means it interferes with the healing of wounds, scars by increasing collagen production. This means that photocatalysis reduces the appearance of scars and treats skin changes that have occurred under the skin. That is why we say that it is a decisive anti-aging therapy and an excellent therapy for skin rejuvenation.

With photocatalysis in a very safe modern way and without synthetic drugs, we successfully treat many acne-prone skin conditions in combination with proper follow-up care at home. With the help of photocatalysis, we accelerate the healing of wounds after surgery, after peeling treatments and laser surgeries.
Photocatalysis is very popular in the world, especially after various intensive beauty procedures at spas and dermatologists.

Implementation of therapies:
Photocatalysis therapies are performed 2-3 times every 2-4 weeks. Recovery time is 2-3 days with slight redness. Direct light should be avoided 48 hours after therapy.
Rejuvenation therapy is carried out cyclically 10 therapies, 2 times a week. There are no problems after therapy.


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