Stimulacija mišic, Terapije za oblikovanje telesa in pomlajevanje

Despite age, without fillers, it is increasingly IN.

With the help of electro stimulation of facial muscles, we greatly help to strengthen facial muscles, reduce the signs of aging, rejuvenate the skin and eliminate facial tension.
Even after the first therapy, the skin on the face is more radiant and taut. In addition to all the above, I must mention other positive properties of muscle electrical stimulation such as: improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, increases the supply of cells with oxygen, stimulates the production of col … agent and elastin, which are key to beautiful and youthful skin.

Electromuscular facial stimulation can be performed with any MiaPharma device. Special programs are reset for facial therapies.

Self-adhesive sterile electrodes. They are great for facial and décolleté therapies.

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